Hello my name is Katie…

So it’s almost 6 months until I start my PGCE course, and to say I’m a little excited is definitely an understatement. However with that excitement comes a serious understanding of what I will be undertaking. I am nervous. I am apprehensive. I want to succeed.

I love being a TA, but after leaving my previous (short lived) career in Advertising, I knew my dream was to be a primary school teacher, not a TA. I want to be responsible for the learning of my class, and as much as I will one day regret these words, I want to be the one planning the lessons. I feel as emotionally prepared as I can be for what I will be doing in September, and wanted to create this blog to chronicle my journey and progress.

In the meantime, I have plenty of preparation and self reflection to do, to try and be as academically prepared as possible 🙂

Anyway, I hope you’re having a lovely day! I’m off to finish cooking dinner, carry on watching the final season of Lost and read some more of ‘Mr Stink’ by David Walliams 🙂


6 months until PGCE course begins.
Currently working as a full time TA in a primary school.

Excited! I’m trying not to complete all of my course prep tasks too early, as I’m worried I’ll have forgotten much of it come September…I’ve really been enjoying them, especially the recommended reading!




4 thoughts on “Hello my name is Katie…

  1. missnicolareeve says:

    So looking forward to seeing your photos and reading your blogs leading up to and while your training! It is a crazy mental year but sounds like your organised and enthusiastic and thats a great start. If you have any questions I am always here 🙂
    Also on Twitter if you tweet at @nicolareeve90 🙂 x


    • misskatieteaches says:

      Thank you ! 🙂 I’m definitely very excited at the moment but I’m sure I’ll feel less so when I get stuck in and start feeling the pressure haha! That’s so nice if you, I’ll definitely tweet you with any questions 🙂 and good luck with your teaching !! Katie x

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  2. missnicolareeve says:

    Just keep your spirits up…and buy a label maker 😛 they are my two pieces of advice for any personal looking to go into teaching!!!
    Thank you, I have just a few months left then Ill have my NTS, does not seem like 5 minutes since I started. Believe me your year will Whizz by! x


    • misskatieteaches says:

      Thank you that’s great advice. I’ve started a little list of things I want to buy before I finish the course (laminator and glue gun are top) I’ll definitely add label maker to it ! 🙂
      I bet it does fly by! Are you excited to finish though? I guess as long as you feel ready at the end (as ready as you ever can) then the year whizzing by isn’t such a bad thing x


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