Chocolate Eggs and Dinosaurs

Recently, work has been a whirlwind of Easter fun. I was so excited to help put on the nursery Easter egg hunt, and wanted to share a few pictures of the day πŸ™‚ Easter is a big occasion at our school, and it seems the Easter bunny knew that, since he sent us a lot of eggs for the children!

The easter bunny delivers in bulk!

The easter bunny delivers in bulk!

We hid eggs throughout the garden while the children had their snack and milk. It was slightly difficult as we had to ensure two children with special dietary needs found their dairy free eggs…in the end we went with the simplest method of writing their name on it. Why complicate things eh?

They nursery children have also recently been learning about dinosaurs. The teacher made a large egg out of mod-roc and told the children that it was discovered on the field. For days we all cared for the ‘egg’ and studied it, making observational drawings. Finally the egg began to show cracks, before hatching (conveniently over the weekend) The dinosaur left a note for the children before leaving…heading back to his dino family we presume. Whilst most children were thrilled, one or two were a little concerned and shaken up by the thought…very sensible really! Anyway, the teacher decided to introduce the egg hunt by finding a note from the dinosaur. He had left the eggs as a thank you present to the children for looking after him in egg form. Again most children were so excited, but one little girl was very upset by this! Assuring her that the dinosaur was not in the garden and would never come back was not good enough security for her, so we rushed out and found her egg very quickly. Once inside with a large quantity of chocolate she felt fine πŸ™‚

It was such a fun morning and seeing the children’s excitement was amazing. Keeping the children from eating their eggs before home time was a challenge though!

For their home learning the children had all made a dinosaur for a display. The children (and parents) all made a tremendous effort and each dinosaur had a unique personality.




With only two more days of term left, we’re winding down on a very positive note πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to reflecting on the time I’ve spent as a TA so far, and going into the summer term with the right attitude to getting the most out of my final weeks at school.

I hope you all have a lovely week and are enjoying the Easter fun too!




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