Happy Friday

Have you had a good day? 🙂

I certainly have. It was long, tiring, stressful at times, but full of successes and reasons to be grateful. Year 2 had a fantastic pirate day, where we designed, built and raced boats. During this exercise we thought about what we could do to make each boat sail successfully, following on from a sink or float lesson last week. It was fantastic to part of such a creative day of learning and fun, and to experience the logistics that went into making it happen. I’ve learnt such a lot from their class teacher and definitely feel lucky to have this time in school before starting my PGCE course.

Tonight there’s a pizza with my name on it and i’ll be doing some serious relaxing! But it’s not all cheesy toppings and chilling, this weekend I’m hoping to hit the gym and make some more progress with my university prep work. Onwards and upwards eh.

Anyway I hope you’ve all ended this week on a high note. I wanted to share my favourite TED talks teaching video. I’ve watched this countless times and it always leaves me feeling inspired.

Happy Friday you lovely people.



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