Writers Day and Hello Half term!

I hope your half term has gotten off to a lovely start (despite the weather) I really cannot believe that we are now approaching the countdown to the summer holidays, and my last 7 weeks as a TA. Time flies! The realisation of this has given me such mixed emotions. I’m more excited then ever to start my PGCE, but of course I am still working through my course preparation (yikes) I’m also feeling very sad to be leaving my current school. It’s been a fantastic second home to me, and all the staff have gone out of their way to help me learn as much as possible in my short time with them.

Anyway, this past half term has seen me step up my game! I’ve now taught a whole class twice (it sounds insignificant but I’m very proud) and I was recently asked to escort four of our students to an able writers day at another school. This was a workshop for young talented writers from schools in the area, where we would meet a poet and learn more about writing poetry.

I felt so honoured to be asked as I feel it shows how much they trust me to represent the school well, and to take good care of our pupils. We had a lovely day and the pupils were fantastic. They worked very hard, wrote some amazing poems and asked excellent questions. I was especially proud when the poet leading the day asked the children what acrostic poems are (My first lesson to a whole class was on acrostic poems, and two children at the able writers day were in that lesson) My head shot round to see two eager hands straight up in the air 🙂 Result!

Despite the day being a big success I spent it constantly head counting (1, 2, 3, 4…1, 2, 3, 4) As I didn’t want to let my group out of my sight, I also didn’t have a chance to visit the toilet or get a glass of water. However it’s all worth it when you hand four happy children back at the end of the day.


A lovely quote :)

A lovely quote 🙂

I have a long list of to-dos this half term. I really want to feel on top of everything before we go back to school. With the summer holidays looming I no longer feel as though time is on my side!

Once back at school I’ve got a few more milestones to overcome, which will be very exciting and hopefully successful:

  • I will be working in nursery to cover a member of staff who is having an operation. Because of this I’ll be taking on a third of the classes daily observations and learning journals. A new challenge indeed! I’m hoping to do a good job, but I know it’ll be a steep learning curve…especially learning to organise my day and fit in everything  that I need to achieve.
  • I have been asked to accompany year 5/6 on their trip to France. As exciting as this is I am slightly nervous! However I am very grateful for the opportunity to see how a trip like this is organised and conducted (I’m sure more constant head counting will take place)
  • I’m hoping to take a full class a few more times to get me as used to it as possible before September…however whilst typing this I am telling myself “be careful what you wish for!”

Well, I really do hope that I start my PGCE knowing enough to do well and to pass the course. However, I guess they wouldn’t have offered me a place if they didn’t think I could do it. After all my mini successes I am feeling good though, like I’ve turned corner! I can definitely see progress in myself between when I started my job and now, which is fantastic.

I hope you’ve got some lovely half term plans, and if you’ve had any mini successes recently do tell me! I’d love to hear them.


p.s. I bought a laminator! 😀

3 months and 20 days until I start my PGCE course (not that I counted or anything)
Currently working as a full time TA in a primary school.

Feeling so much more prepared since my first blog post. A lot has happened and I’ve had much to reflect upon. I’m so excited and I’m feeling positive about how much more progress I’m hoping to make between now and my start date.



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