Reflecting and the Future Me


The end of half term is already fast approaching. How does it fly by so quickly? You’ll be proud to hear that I have been productive so far (well done me) but as usual I haven’t achieved as much as I’d hoped by this point…que a hard working weekend on the horizon!

Anyway, I have spent lots of time reading through some fantastic PGCE themed blogs, watching youtube videos of the same and skimming through articles to fuel my September excitement. One thing that seems to be a common thought on everyones minds at the beginning of their journey is what kind teacher they want to be. This is an interesting thing to consider, as all teachers have such different personalities, techniques and special qualities about them. I was once told that when on placement you find you adapt to the teaching style of the teacher you’re with out of necessity, but one day you will find our own unique style. So far this seems to make sense to me.

So, my idea is that if I give this some thought now, I can see how and if my opinion changes in September, and then throughout my PGCE journey. Cool right? Working in a school I’m interested to see how my opinion will develop even before starting my course.

So what kind of teacher do I want to be?

  • Creative
  • Motivating/inspiring
  • Caring
  • Resilient/Adaptable
  • Fun
  • Knowledgable

I won’t lie, I have saved a draft of this to revisit a few times before setting this live. I feel like I’m signing some sort of contract and I want to get this right, even though this is a work in progress (and so am I) For now this list feels right to me. I believe this is currently the teacher I am aspiring to be 🙂

If you have any thoughts I’d love to hear them, until then I’m ready to sleep for the rest of my half term, whilst somehow being productive…

Katie – The work in progress




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