To France and Back

So I have a recent achievement I want to share with you all. I went on a school trip to France and survived! In fact, not only did I survive, I had the time of my life.

A very moving trip to a World War One Cemetery

Months ago I was asked if I would like to join the year 5 and 6 trip to France. I immediately agreed, thinking it would be an excellent learning opportunity (and a free trip to France) but as the trip drew closer I did become very nervous. We would be working a full week before and after the trip, as it ran Friday to Monday, and I was worried about burning out or losing my patience through sleep deprivation (good luck on my PGCE!)

I’m also a real homebody, and was a little bit nervous about sleeping in a foreign bed, and eating strange things (I’m one of those super picky eaters) However I’m pleased to report that the concern I had for my little troupe of students far outweighed my own needs. I was happy to dive in and try the food (which was perfectly fine) and told myself how silly I was to fear that hard, basic top bunk I was assigned. I did what I had to do to set a good example at mealtimes, and set my worries aside to focus on keeping the children happy. All in all, the trip was a total success and I’m actually sad it’s over!

The trip consisted of very little homesickness, two birthdays, archery, circus skills, a disco, the eating of frogs legs and snails, aquarium visits, lunch on the beach, sunsets, sing alongs, lots of french speaking, and finally some morse code wall knocking from the girls to send messages to one another in the night…so in other words not much sleeping! These were just a few highlights. The weekend was absolutely jam packed, including some incredible trips to WW1 monuments, museums and cemeteries.

So what have I learnt from the trip? Well I’ve learnt I have patience that lasts far longer then I predicted. I was still calm and focussed after 3 nights of minimal sleep (well done me) I’ve learnt that I can look after a group of 8 children in a French market without losing them (although the stress of achieving this was unreal) And I’ve learnt that children will go to every length to spend all of their pocket money. Gift shops beware, our children will clear you out!

Although this wasn’t a huge undertaking in hindsight, I did fear the unknown of the dreaded school trip abroad. I’m very proud to report this little success to you, and now feel I have a much better understanding of the logistics of planning a trip like this. However I am in no rush to put this knowledge to the test in my teaching career. I salute all of the teachers out there who plan over night school trips, especially those in another country!

I hope this was somewhat interesting for you! Let me know if you’ve had any awesome school trip experiences 🙂

A triumphant (but tired) Miss x


One thought on “To France and Back

  1. r4ch4l says:

    Well done you! I nearly had a heart attack worrying over conducting a science investigation with 32 Year 5s in the school playground, so you did much better! School trips worry me too and you were right to be nervous – it is a big responsibility. Luckily, in the PGCE year you won’t need to do any of that on your own!

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