Hello again,

So stay and play week is officially over. We did it! If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, check out my previous post (however it’s essentially parents evening, nursery style) It was a hectic and stressful week, but much was achieved.

On a daily basis we had a group of parents coming in for either the first or second half of the morning. Each parent would spend time with their child, and have a one on one with the teacher discussing reports. They would also fill out a form with their stay and play experience for the learning journals, and have a photo taken with their child.

The mornings absolutely flew by with so many people in one room, and us still trying to carry on with our usual activities and lessons. Amongst all of the chaos we stayed organised and even managed to squeeze in a trip outside to the field where we released butterflies with the pre school.

Meeting so many parents was a great experience but a crazily stressful one too! There seems to be this huge pressure when a parent is in the room, and I found myself being extremely aware of everything I was saying and doing. The silly thing is, we had nothing to hide, and didn’t do anything differently.

However one morning I did have a particulary awkward encounter with a dad who seemed very puzzled as I introduced myself as Katie, or Miss H. His face was a picture as he proceeded to ask me if the child next to me was mine. He looked even more confused when I explained I was actually a teaching assistant. I guess looking young is a good thing, but I hope he didn’t wonder who the young girl was that school was leaving his children with…I am nearly 24!

I’m now asking myself how parents can be so intimidating, and how I will one day cope with parents evening (a terrifying prospect). However, nothing has given me such a feeling of pride then chatting with one lovely mum about her son, and singing his praises. I was able to reassure her about how well he deals with nursery, and how many friends he has. He is also fantastic at telling us when he has any worries, making it easy for us to reassure him and put them in the past. It made it obvious at that point that most parents aren’t there to find fault with teachers, they have their own worries and stresses when it comes to their children. Being able to give them insight and put their mind at ease about their child’s progress is amazing.

So after a successful and hectic week, we now have only 2 weeks left of term before summer club, holidays and hopefully relaxation. I can’t believe how this term has flown by.

With such sunny weather I’ve been trying to spend as much time as I can reading and soaking up the vitamin D (any excuse to sunbathe) I’ve been making good progress with my recommended reading list, and have been obsessed with Harry Potter. I read some of the books as a child, but never really got the hype. I thought it would be a good series to revisit and have to say…I’m hooked! I guess I didn’t fully appreciate them when I was in primary school. Can we also take a minute to appreciate the stunning new cover designs…

Next week will be a new challenge again as we attempt to take the nursery class out on a school trip! Wish me luck…

I hope you’ve had a successful week too, and have found time to enjoy the summer 🙂 If you’re an educator, please let me know your thoughts on dealing with parents. It’s definitely a new found concern of mind, and I love reading your comments and advice.





2 thoughts on “Survival

  1. emmacharlottebeauty says:

    I recently just had parents evening at the SEN school im currently working at as a TA. It’s a scary process, as i had to sit in telling parents what the children were currently doing, working on and have achieved during their maths lessons with me throughout the year! Glad i had this experience though as it ha given me a taster for when i qualify as a teacher (start my pgce in sept ahh!). I enjoyed reading your experience of it! x

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