Flying the Nest

*Prepare for rambles*

Today in my county it was transition day, where essentially all primary students go and try out their new teacher and classroom for the morning. As I am usually based in Nursery, our little ones were off to Reception for an hour. Some were excited, many were nervous, and I think the vast majority were a little clueless. We didn’t have the new nursery class joining us, not that it would matter much if I met them, as I won’t be returning in September. Because of this, I followed my flock into their new class, where some serious heart melting moments ensued.

We began by sitting in a circle, and introducing ourselves. Each of us (both pupils and teachers) said our name, and what activity we liked best in school. The personalities of each of the students couldn’t have been clearer during that small introduction. Some spoke clearly and confidently, others muttered, one chewed her t-shirt so we couldn’t make much sense of what she was saying, while another shouting excitedly over everyone else. We had a real mixture of answers to the “what do you like doing in school” question. The answers started off pretty average. We had “lego” “reading” and “drawing”, but after a third of the group had spoken we began getting “I love my paddling pool” and one child even answered “I love eating bread” I beamed with pride for the uniqueness of each of their little personalities. I love that they don’t all follow the crowd, and each has their own little quirks.

After that they went off and explored their new classroom. The excitement over the new toys, and never before seen dressing up clothes was immense. I stole a few minutes to talk the teacher through anyone she should look out for. I pointed out our more challenging individuals, the ones who are silly when sitting next to each other, the worriers and those who need a little extra care now and then. I was surprised and how well I knew each of those little people, and felt like I was suddenly handing over my class. Of course they aren’t my class at all, I’m just a TA, and not even a TA hoping to work in early years! It’s funny how quickly you can build a strong relationship with any child, regardless of their age.

The hour was over as quickly as it began, and we returned to the carpet to share our favourite thing we had done during our transition morning. Again the answers started pouring in, all fairly standard. But, before long, one or two began answering “I loved Miss H” I’m not sure they realise myself and their new class aren’t a package deal, but luckily 4 year olds move on pretty quick. As heart melting as it was to hear their fondness for me, I’m sure I’ll have been forgotten by September.

I’ve since then even had an invitation to go round to one little boys house to play. I politely declined, explaining I was a teacher friend that they just saw in school. He cleverly replied “Ok, well when your not at school…” I can’t help but let these little moments really make my day. This was followed by a little girl inspecting my bare but usually painted finger nails, and requesting they be blue tomorrow. Of course I’m typing this with a pastel blue manicure…when a 4 year old gives you beauty advice, it’s probably wise to go with it 🙂

Miss H


4 thoughts on “Flying the Nest

  1. Chloe says:

    I wish my school was doing transition day, but SLT decided that the process was too traumatic for the children. They seem to have ignored the fact that many will worry all summer about who their teacher is, what they’re like, are they moving class, where their classroom will be etc. Simultaneously, our assistant head is urging teachers to help their children transition as well as possible.

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    • Katie says:

      I feel for you and completely agree about children worrying over summer! That must be a difficult situation to be in. We had some children who were very anxious about the big change in September, I think this has definitely put their mind at ease x

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      • Chloe says:

        I’d have understood if there had been an incident last year, but it went really well and the kids were excited to meet their new teacher. As it is many of the kids are asking about their new teachers, especially those who are going to have a new member of staff. X

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