Baking Bread and Uni Work

Hello guys,

I hope you’re all enjoying a lovely Sunday. I’ve spent today being surprisingly productive, and I’m actually feeling quite pleased with myself. I did however indulge in my guiltiest pleasure…baking! I find baking so relaxing and enjoyable, and recently purchased a new baking book. So armed with my scales and my hand mixer, I spend today whipping up some banana bread and a wholemeal loaf.


I’ve never made bread before, and I’m not ashamed to say how proud I am of this mighty loaf!



I would definitely recommend this book if you or someone you know is looking to learn to make bread. Lovely design, easy to follow instructions and more recipes then a beginner will ever need!


Banana bread using The Hummingbird Bakery’s recipe.


So aside from making and photographing baked goods, I have been making some progress with my university prep work. One thing I have learnt about myself is that I am very unknowledgeable when it comes to grammar terms. Subordinate clauses, prepositions, fronted adverbials, and determiners are making my head spin! It’s often difficult to admit that you’re not very good at something, especially something you thought you were generally ok at! So I’m trying to embrace this discovery as a huge positive, as I can now improve my grammar knowledge. Improving this will definitely be my target for next week or so. Watch this space! If you happen to be reading this, and can recommend a website or textbook that would be useful for improving my grammar terminology, please let me know!

For the rest of the afternoon I’m going to watch The Lorax, and yes it does count as PGCE prep work 🙂 ! Part of our recommended reading was to read a children’s text and watch a recent film adaptation of it. It has taken me a while to find a book/film that felt right for me, but I’m happy with my choice and interested to watch the film and compare it to the book. The book has a wonderful message that I can see being translated into lessons easily so I’m hoping the film is just as inspiring.


So that’s this Miss over and out for today! Next week is the last week of term and my final ever (hopefully) week as a teaching assistant. It’s a scary but exciting prospect, and this calming Sunday will hopefully prepare me for the emotional ups and downs that I have to come throughout the week. I feel so lucky to have worked at my school, and beyond excited for the year ahead, but I am sad to leave not only the team, but every little person I have had the pleasure of working with!

What do you do to make your day relaxing?




3 thoughts on “Baking Bread and Uni Work

  1. willsomebodypleasethinkoftheteachers says:

    Grammar is something I still fear, even after 3 years doing an English Language degree – it’s something I am still learning, and something that you will learn an awful lot about whilst teaching.

    In order to relax I like to draw. Or currently, I have been colouring one of these stress-relieving adult colouring books. They are fab if you’re interested.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your pocket of news for today, hope you enjoy reading ours too x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katie says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that finds grammar a challenge! Those adult colouring books look fab, I’ve seen so many around lately. Will definitely have to get my hands on one 🙂 Thank you, you posts are a pleasure to read as always x


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