PVA Overload


So firstly I apologise for the lack of teaching/PGCE related posts recently. Of course, it is summer, and therefor it’s difficult to write such posts as I’m no longer working in a school. The only thing I could write is how excited and nervous I am…but that would get old very quickly. I have been working in summer club for the last 2 weeks, but I decided to save you the details as it was just me and 4 other members of staff, entertaining children in the school hall, for 9 hours a day. There really was nothing to report, other then that I really miss the classroom!

It was fun though, and definitely a fantastic opportunity to earn some much needed money. It was also a chance to get a bit crafty, and wipe the cobwebs off my paints. As you may know, if you can so much as draw a cartoon cat you will be known as the arty one in a primary school, and assigned arty jobs. This is something that I relish, and summer club was no exception. The club leader is a senior member of staff at the school and had a few pieces in mind for RE displays. The staff seemed happy with them and the kids loved getting involved in these large scale, quite intricate artworks, so I thought I’d share them with you!



The first was a ‘stained glass window'(primary school style) of St Joseph and Jesus…so of course it was made of tissue and sugar paper. This was definitely the trickiest of the two, as I soon discovered it was very delicate work and the children struggled to get involved as much as we had hoped. I ended up with only a few helpers who were upper KS2 and had very steady hands. I thought cutting it out with a blunt stanley knife would be the tricky part, but when gluing in the tissue paper we found it VERY easily stuck to the table and tore. Cue hours of me and one child constantly lifting the piece gingerly to wipe the table clean from any glue residue. None the less it was great fun to do, and it turned out better then I expected. The children seemed to enjoy seeing the piece evolve from a sketch, to a big spiderweb, and finally to the above.



The second piece was a large portrait of the Holy family. This was a breeze compared to the window and so much more fun for the younger children to help with. I sketched the piece and added the halos first using gold paper. Then myself and two helpers created the gold mosaic background. It was then agreed that I would paint the faces myself to ensure the piece was recognisable, and also to make it fair (we can’t have 30 children painting the faces) Once this was out of the way we let the children go wild with collage materials to create the bodies. Colour is important in many religions, and to bring each figures iconic outfit to life we encouraged the children to use a variety of textures and materials in each colour (i.e. blue for Mary). Then finally we added some ‘gems’ to catch the light. This piece was definitely my favourite. Seeing the children make their mark on the piece was fantastic, and the outfits definitely look very eye catching. Great job summer club!

Once I start my course I am very excited to write more teaching orientated posts, but until then I hope you’re enjoying these. Let me know what you think of our artworks, and if you’ve ever tackled a large art piece with your students I would certainly love to see it!

Have a lovely day

Katie aka the arty one



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