The countdown – 10 days to go

The countdown begins. Time seems to go so slowly when you’re waiting for something to happen, some life changing event, and then all of sudden it creeps up on you. It takes you by surprise and you feel unprepared, despite all the preparing you’ve been doing over the last 8 months.

I’ve been flicking between excitement and nervousness and I now think starting the course will come as somewhat of a relief. Reading other peoples experiences are a comfort, but they don’t quite give you the full picture. My university will probably do things differently to others, the workload may differ and the people on my course are yet to be met. Some people make out that I should expect to give up all recreational activities this year: seeing friends, watching tv and sleeping to name a few. Part of me understands and anticipates this, but the other part of me almost sees this as a challenge. I’m sure this naivety will seem hilarious when I look back on this post.

My main anxiety is currently about parking. Of all the issues I will encounter this year I have no idea why parking is my number one concern. If all I have to worry about is parking then I’l be laughing, surely! However getting used to the universities’ systems and layout is stressful as I cannot bare to be late. Also I’m sure the lecturers would not put up with lateness. Once I’ve settled into my new ‘morning routine’ I’ll feel a lot more at ease…I think.

Due to the warnings I have heeded from many others, I am trying to make a plan to become as prepared as possible. My plan is to finish my prep work this weekend, and then spend next week doing the following jobs:

  • De-clutter and re-organise wardrobe (or should I say floordrobe)
  • Soak up as much friend time as I can (before they forget what I look like)
  • Go on a teacher clothes shopping trip. I think smart black trousers are probably a must.
  • Start reading my textbooks and recommended reading. I’m hoping getting ahead with this will help throughout the year.
  • Finish tidying and organising my room (it is the bane of my life. Me + Fiancé in one room at my parents house = constant mess and bedsit hell)

Hopefully this time next week I’ll write an update saying that I have achieved all of the above and am now feeling blissfully relaxed and prepared. I can hope can’t I?

If you’re starting a PGCE this month let me know what your doing to prepare yourself, or any tips you’ve got for ending the first day nerves. Good luck everyone! I’m sure we can do it 🙂



4 thoughts on “The countdown – 10 days to go

  1. emmacharlottebeauty says:

    I was panicking about parking too. I’m still getting there extra early to make sure I get a space aha Don’t want to be late trying to find somewhere to park! I was nervous about making friends too but everyone is really friendly as there all in the same boat! I did some essntial reading before I went, I’m glad i did when the science teacher threw a quick test at us, ahhh! but mainly the first few days are introductory, like finding your way around and things so hopefully this will settle your nerves like it did mine. Good luck!! and I hope to hear more about your experiences! x


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