Tomorrow is the big day, and although I don’t have anything interesting to report, I thought it was right to check in…

So today I spent the morning baking for my fiancés birthday. Around lunchtime I binned my failed baking attempt, and then this afternoon has been spent preparing for uni tomorrow. It’s funny the pointless things we do to make ourselves feel prepared, like painting our nails, changing the bed sheets and just having a good clean up in general. I might even put on a face mask later, like that’s going to help at all! Overall though I am feeling ready. Prepared might be too strong a word, as I am apprehensive about how difficult I’ll find the course, but I’m optimistic and certainly ready to get started.

So the plan for tomorrow is a 9am start. I’m going to get up hideously early to make sure traffic and parking isn’t a problem. We’ll be beginning with an introduction, and then I think we have a few lectures in the afternoon for one of our modules. Tuesday is the day we actually enrol, and then I’d imagine it’ll be real work from then on in!

I haven’t got much of a blogging schedule in mind for the future, and I definitely don’t want to promise more then I can deliver. However I would ideally like to record as much of my experience as possible, so I’ll certainly update tomorrow and we’ll take it from there!

Oh and one other thing, if you’ve started your PGCE then well done! I hope it’s going well for you so far. Thank you to anyone who has written a post on their first few days. I’ve been reading lots of your posts and they’ve made me so excited to start and have also given me a good idea of what to expect. I am very grateful for this as it has meant today has been mostly worry and stress free (however never underestimate the stress of a failed bake!)

Wish me luck!



13 thoughts on “PGCE Eve

  1. tashaohare says:

    Good luck for tomorrow! You’ll love it!!
    I’m doing my masters PGDE in Scotland and I think the course is very different to the English PGCE so I’m interested to read all about your experiences! X

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