PGCE Day One

As to be expected, our first day consisted mainly of introductions and was a bit blur if I’m honest. Looking back now in a sleepy haze, it’s hard to quite fathom everything we packed into day one, but this day has definitely been a good one. There is certainly a lot to take in, but I’m excited to get past the introductions and start really getting stuck in.

Today we were introduced to the idea of academic thinking, something that will be crucial for succeeding with our masters level assignments. It isn’t enough for us to have an opinion, we need to be able to support and justify it based on research, theory and practice. This deeper thinking will help us to become more reflective, and ultimately better practitioners.

We’ve already started one group assignment. It’s only a short one, asking us to put into practice those academic thinking skills we discussed today. However it feels great to get started with some work, and working in a group will help us to get to know each other quicker.

In other news one of our lecturers has requested that we keep a weekly reflective journal during the course, in whatever format we feel will be most effective for us. I think since I’ve already been blogging for a while, this will be the format that works best for me. I like how, for me, blogging feels time effective. I’m able to produce a post covering everything I need it to, in a relatively short space of time. I love the idea of a sketchbook but I think I may get carried away with unnecessary aesthetics (that’s the design student in me!). Also I think the pressure of knowing each post will be public, will force me to really consider my opinions, making me be more reflective and academically minded. So this weekend I plan on tidying up my little internet space, and making it all much more concise and appropriate…watch this space!

(A real PGCE student)


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