My future self

Until this point everything has felt manageable. I’d even go as far to say easier then I anticipated, or was warned at least. That was until this week. The wall is now in sight and we are all aware of its inevitability. The only way I know to cope with the mountain of work we are now facing is to remember that it has been done before. I’m sure countless people have had this same feeling of dread and have come out the other side. One week at time is definitely the only way we’ll get through!

Yesterday began with that feeling of being overwhelmed. I was at a point where I didn’t really know if I was ahead or behind with my work anymore. That was until I had a tutorial. We were all talking about our coping strategies, how we were feeling…you know how it works. Then one person chimed in with such an insightful way to look at things. She said…

“I’m not stressed because I know my future self will deal”.

Sometimes you hear something that just turns your whole way of thinking on it’s head. I don’t think I give my future self enough credit because I spend my time planning for every eventuality and making sure I’m ahead. I’m not sure what I think will happen or what disaster I’m planning to avoid, but I’m certainly not a “It will be alright on the night” kind of person. But, this did put my stress into perspective. I will deal too. If my past self is anything to go by, my future self will be able to tackle whatever is thrown at her.

This realisation doesn’t mean that I’ll be slacking because my future self will pick up the pieces at some point. I still need to continue doing what I’m doing and making sure everything is put in place for the future, but I don’t need to know how I’ll achieve everything. I don’t need to know how one day I’ll tackle organising a Christmas play, or plan for every individual in my class, or even how I’ll cope with that one child who will inevitably test my patience and behaviour leadership skills beyond belief. My future self will just deal with it.





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