Placement Week Two

Week two has ended and week has three begun (but we’ll ignore that and pretend I’m on top of my updates!) When people say this year flies by they aren’t exaggerating. Next week we actually have two days in uni talking about applying for jobs. I still feel like I’m starting out with no clue what I’m doing…who would want to give me a teaching job!?

Anyway, I’ve now settled into my school and have fallen in love with my class. The days are passing smoothly, and I’m starting to feel at ease in our classroom. I’m still terrified that I’m not doing enough paperwork, or haven’t started collecting enough evidence yet, but this week has definitely been easier. It will all come together and I know enough for right now. I may not know everything, but that’s fine. 

The big news this week was that I taught my first lesson on placement. I made it clear to my mentor that behaviour leadership was a worry to me, having spent very little time with upper KS2 (I was sure they would walk all over me). Because of these worries my mentor let me teach a lesson using her planning, so that all I had to focus on was the delivery and behaviour. I knew this was a brilliant idea, but I was terrified. The friday before I’d led a whole class spelling test and wasn’t prepared for the low level disruption across the room. I made silly mistakes like talking over the class, and not waiting until they were silent before continuing.

My mentor gave me some tips before hand and I psyched myself up like I was going into battle…whatever happened I would not accept being ignored or spoken over. I have great respect for everyone in the class, but I would demand the same in return. 

The lesson came (it was on hieroglyphics) and thankfully the class listened. They stopped talking when I tried to get their attention, they had lots to say when I asked questions and they stayed on task. I was thrilled. I even experienced the “shhhhhh she’s waiting for us!” panic moment when the class start to notice you’re standing there waiting silently for their attention…less is definitely more with class control! 

We did have a pencil throwing incident, and I had to move 2 children to different seats but that is to be expected. They had a new teacher and they’re only human. What’s important is that I dealt with it. 

The feedback my mentor gave me left me feeling fantastic and I now have very manageable targets to tackle next time I plan, so I know I’ll only continue to get better. 

This week won’t be so easy as It’s my first assessed week and I’ll be teaching 3 whole class lessons. Once again the fear is setting in, but after the triumph I’ve had, I’m feeling much more positive.


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