Placement Wk 5: Christmas Countdown

As this term draws to a close I’ve been reflecting on two very important lessons I’ve learnt about teaching:

  1. My to do list will never ever be completed. There will always be more I think I should or could have squeezed in. Because of this, it’s important I stay focussed on what I have achieved, and not worry too much about what else needs to be done…It’ll happen!
  2. I may never truly feel like I know what I’m doing, but that’s ok. If I’m waiting for that magical moment when I feel like a teacher who has their stuff together I will be disappointed. Despite this I am aware I am now much more qualified then I was as a TA. I’m using things I’ve been taught during lectures on a daily basis, and sometimes I actually feel like I know what I’m doing and why…another thing to be proud of 🙂

I couldn’t be more excited for two weeks off. This week has been so much fun but incredibly long. Don’t ever underestimate how long a day can feel if the children are just playing with toys and watching films!

This week I tackled the challenge of teaching all morning… right up until lunch time! For me this was a very daunting prospect, having never taught for more then an hour before. I was also aware that the children would be in full christmas hyper mode (a technical term), so behaviour may be slightly more challenging. I wanted to give the children the benefit of the doubt with this (it is christmas after all, who wouldn’t be hyper?) so I wanted to set them up for behaviour success, rather then coming down hard on those that got a little carried away. I did this by trying to be very organised and have everything ready for them with few moments with nothing for them to be doing…and I think I achieved this! Behaviour was great. Noise levels crept up a few times, but if that’s the worst this week has thrown at me then that’s a success in my book.

That lesson we had been learning about persuasive writing. We were going to be decorating christmas biscuits before break time, and then using them as our inspiration for persuasive writing after break, imagining we were trying to market our amazing christmas biscuits. We did this by making advertisements on the laptops, and as an advertising graduate I couldn’t have been more proud of my amazing little class! They all had so many creative ideas, and really ran with the brief. By only criticism is that we could have improved the adverts by planning them first…had this not been a christmas lesson, and instead been a sequence.

DSC_0186 DSC_0184 Our christmas biscuits

I also never imaged how much health and safety was involved with decorating biscuits! We had to check with parents that children were able to eat them in school, we needed a version suitable for non meat eaters (there is gelatine in the marshmallows) and we had some children with supposed chocolate allergies that needed to be double checked. Once this had all been done they had a brilliant lesson and ended up with some very interesting biscuit characters.

I am now thrilled to have two weeks off where I can catch up on sleep, see friends and eat my body weight in christmas food! I’m proud I’ve made it this far, but I hope after a few weeks of relaxing I’ll be able to hit the new year hard and focus on improving my practice even more.

Whatever you’re doing for the next 2 weeks I have you have an amazing time. Also my apologies for a very rambly, incoherent post. Sleep is needed.



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