New Year Worries and Reflections

Source: Pinterest

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and restful end to 2015, however you’ve spent it. I know I have. I feel incredibly lucky to have spent my time off seeing so many of my favourite people, and catching up on much needed chill out time.

No matter how rested you feel though, it’s always difficult to get back into a routine, and face those jobs you’ve let slide over christmas. I know I’ve started to feel very intimidated about what I’m going back to in January…how did I manage it all last term!? I know I’m not the only one who feels this way though, and that’s comforting. Us PGCE-ers have to stick together!

I have a suspicion that January and February will be the worst and most difficult time during this PGCE…if not totally, then at least so far. Today I bit the bullet and started to get organised again. I already feel so much better. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for this month. If I can just work extremely hard throughout January, I’ll be able to enjoy some of my labouring in February when I finish my first placement (scary) and hand in my first assignment (terrifying). Terror aside, it has been achieved before, so there is no reason why I can’t also get through this!

2016 won’t be easy, but it has the potential to be a year of great achievements and successes. I can’t wait to be a teacher, and my apprehension comes only from not feeling like I’ll be able to do it. I appreciate the responsibility that comes with this career…and hope I can one day live up to that…fingers crossed.

Anyway, I’m now working my way through a packet of biscuits while getting my to do list in order. I hope you all have a fantastic start to your year, and remember however big the task at hand seems, it can be done, and you will do it! Just keep moving in the right direction 🙂



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