Placement wk6: Getting Back to Business

I survived the first week back on placement. Thankfully, I remembered everyone names and even how to teach (if you can call it that at this stage). It was a big relief to get back, actually. It’s hard being out of routine, especially when deadlines are looming. However now that I’m organised and back on track I’m feeling much more positive.

This week I taught my first science lesson, amongst other things. We’re now learning about forces, and I have the task of teaching the whole of this topic…something I’m feeling a little daunted by. We started with an introduction this week, looking at push, pull and friction. the plan was to hold a tug of war in the hall and look at how forces played a part in our game. The idea of taking 30 year 5 children in the hall and conducting a tug of war game sounded like a recipe for disaster, however the more I looked into it, the more excited I got knowing how much they would enjoy it.

I started to feel like I’d turned a corner in my premature teaching career. This was the first lesson I have ever actually been excited to teach. Up until now, nerves have dominated. I knew they would be so excited to carry out this activity, and that took over.

The first forces lesson was last thing on a Friday, so I was expecting disengaged children, tiredness and poor behaviour but I was pleasantly surprised. The children were engaged but most importantly, they seemed to understand the concept and could explain forces in terms of the tug of war. My mentor gave me some fantastic feedback, with ideas on how I could improve the differentiation element of the lesson. I left work that day feeling a real sense of achievement.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed teaching outside of the classroom. I expected to find it difficult and stressful, but it was great. The children were so excited, and I felt like they were much more productive because of that engagement level. I now cannot wait to teach more forces, and I’ve already seen a few experiments online that I would love to bring into my lesson (ahem…chopsticks and jelly).

Feeling like an almost teacher put me in a fantastic mood for the weekend, which was just what I needed as myself and some friends had planned to spend the day in the university library…yes all day, on a Saturday. Our assignment deadline is early next month, and leaving it to the last minute is not an option!

Although it’s hard giving up all your free time to work (even if it’s something you love doing) it’s much easier then panicking when you feel over whelmed.

This week coming I have my first lesson observation with my visiting tutor, and what will be my first ever lesson grade. I’m excited and terrified, but knowing the worst I’ll get is a requires improvement is somewhat comforting. It isn’t the grade I hope I’ll get, but at this stage it will just be a platform for improvement…Nothing to panic about…*panics*

Wish me luck



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