Placement WKS 9, 10 & 11: The End

I’ve been an absolutely useless blogger these past 3 weeks. I can’t express how busy I’ve been, but now that this placement has finished I can finally give an update on how it ended. Hooray!

So, rather then go into too much detail and have this be extremely long, here are a few key moments from the end of my first placement…

  • I had my final meeting with my visiting tutor. She gave me an outstanding for that lesson and graded me good overall. I was completely thrilled.
  • I FINALLY finished evidencing…although I didn’t manage to tie all the loose ends. I have plenty for this placement, but I have definitely learnt that there will always be more I could/should be doing.
  • I taught a series of lessons on rapping. I’ll let you think about how that may have gone…
  • I worked until 11pm every night, and was in work before 8am every morning (and my to list was NEVER finished)
  • I taught my first PE lesson. This terrified me but I did it!
  • I dyed my hair, much to the excitement of the year 5’s “Can you dye it blue before the end of term Miss?!”
  • I had a ferocious cough that resulted in one sick day and one day of teaching through embarrassing coughing fits.
  • I sat in on parents evening and learnt that it really isn’t all that scary…if you’re prepared.
  • I started to feel like I finally understand the paperwork that I have been completing for this placement…so I’m now confident that placement 2 will be better and more organised.
  • I bought a baby giant african land snail. I’m going to grow him up into a fantastic pet for my future classroom.
  • I agreed with my mentor that I need to work on differentiation in my lessons, particularly for EAL children, and teaching Maths. My subject knowledge is strong (I didn’t believe it either, but apparently so) but I struggle with the pedagogy.
  • And finally… I said goodbye to 30 fantastic young people who I will truly miss. My class were (and still are) hilarious, extremely intelligent and so inquisitive. I feel very lucky to have taught all of them…I think I may be a KS2 teacher 🙂

I finished this placement with a really clear understanding of where I am and how I need to progress now, which is a fantastic feeling. I feel like I have progressed so quickly during these last 12 weeks that often my understanding of what I needed to do was more developed than my ability to put that into practice. This just makes me more excited for my next placement where I can get on top of everything quicker, and spend more time working on those standards that I’m lacking in. In general though I’m thrilled I came away with a solid “good” throughout my practice. I think that’s a great place to be in now, and I can work from that towards an outstanding in my second placement (hopefully)

This weekend I’m enjoying some romance with my other half (who hasn’t really seen me properly for weeks) and I’m getting back into the swing of uni work. I have about a week and a half to finish my first assignment. I had the best intentions of doing this early, but placement took over and now I am facing a week of living in the library.

So around 5 months into my PGCE, things are going well! So far so good. Now to pass this assignment, and apply for a job…



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