Assignment Stress

The success of finishing our first placement was short lived, as we all faced our first assignment hand in. Months ago we had all laughed at the thought of leaving the work to the last minute…who would do that? Who would be so stupid…us, of course. Despite coming into the library on several Saturdays, there simply wasn’t time to get on top of the assignment until the week before the deadline.

So, that’s how we found ourselves spending (what felt like) every minute in the library for 5 days straight, completing our presentations. An incredibly stressful week was however, made much better by fantastic company (you really do make amazing friends on a PGCE course) and we all successfully handed in our assignment summaries on time, at the end of the week. We then had the weekend to practice our presentations before giving them early the following week.

All seemed to go to plan, however it is so hard to tell if you’ve actually spent your 15 minutes giving a coherent academic presentation, or just mumbling and sweating like a complete idiot (I definitely did a little of both). Either way I was relieved to have it over with.

The rest of the week was a strange mixture of days off (thank goodness), a football training day, and a visit to the school we’ll be working with for enrichment week.

Being back in the swing of university life was a strange adjustment, but its been fantastic. I have a suspicion that time is will fly by though, which is a horrible thought. After easter its time for our final placement, and then the end of the course. Being qualified will be such an achievement, but I’ll miss our seminars, workshops and all the time spent panickingĀ in the library. A bitter sweet realisation has hit that the end will reach us all too soon.

Sadness aside, what can I learn from these two weeks? Sometimes all the organisation in the world can’t prevent you from doing things last minute. It seems to just be the nature of the job.